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Story behind me ...

Shaping Minds was established in the year 2016 with a sole vision of training & teaching people and creating awareness among them that "Being Abundant and Being Prosperous" is every human's birthright.  We all have that unlimited potential within us, but the major challenge is we do not know how to explore the hidden potential which is inside us and can make the most out of it. We can achieve anything, we can be anything, nothing is out of our reach once we understand the forbidden secrets of the Universe and the Law of manifestation.

In the year 2012, I lost everything, literally everything, I was a BIG ZERO and somehow managed life. I was on the verge of committing suicide but all thanks to my Universe and my couple of friends, I was stopped from taking such a stupid decision. Then I took a long sabbatical leave to Nepal, for almost a year and there I was earning through a job in a pharmaceutical company. The Job had a lot of free time which I was desperately looking for something of that kind and then my 2nd journey begun...

I was deep, very deep in a process of Introspection and there you go, I found myself. It was a Eureka moment for me. I started doing a lot of research in the field of manifestation and yoga. I read hundreds of books in LOA and Quantum physics, only to realize that everything is inside us. Humans are only living animals with unlimited potential and power. Everything is connected on a subtle level and we all operate on a vibrational level and everything is Energy!

2015 was the year when I returned back from Nepal with a fresh, updated and reprogrammed software of my Mind. Still, I was zero, as what all I earned there I spent on books, online courses, offline courses, meditation retreats, etc. 

And believe me, since then there is no looking back in my life. I found my Lady love, started my own business with no penny and today, as I am writing this as on 1st of Jan, 2020, I have my own flat or house, Car, Enfield bike, money, wealth, health, I mean my life is totally Abundant and Prosperous in all the areas of my life and the reason for the birth of "SHAPING MINDS". 



What we do?

As I have changed my life drastically and dramatically, I was shocked to find the raw truth of the manifestation process that it isn't that difficult, I mean I do not and need not have to struggle like mad dogs and cats. When I see people who are struggling and fighting for some petty things, It brings me a great amount of the feeling of something of this sort. 1. Oh, If only they knew the manifestation process. 2. If they knew then the world would have been a better place to live with. 3. How do I bring awareness of this phenomenon to the people? 4. What do I need to do? 

Now, this questioning made me come across the idea of writing a book. This idea again was all because of my inner guidance system and my Universe. Now the journey of an Author starts and in 4 months, I complete my manuscript and I released my self published book titled " I AM CHANGING MY LIFE". To date, I have sold around 4923 copies. 

Shaping Minds is taken care of by myself and my wife. The company is like a sweet baby in our family with values and ethics.  

But my thinking is that the journey has just started, I want to teach and bring awareness to a large chunk of people about this phenomenon. I have set a goal of bringing awareness to 1 lac people by the year 2025. 

We conduct various free workshops for less privileged and thereby at least adding a small value to the society and to our mother earth at large. 

We firmly believe that " The only way out is WAY IN!." and " Abundant and prosperous life is well raining everywhere, All depends on our perception, whether to embrace it or embarrass it". 


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