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360 Degrees North

Wouldn't it be amazing If you could go chasing your dreams? If you could, what dreams would you chase? Why is that always your daily life gets in the way of getting the things you want. What stops you from going after your dreams?

A small and subtle shift in your thought pattern will make you get going, doing all the things that you always wanted to and never knew how. You can change your beliefs, become more self-confident, develop that X factor in your attitude and motivated to get all the things you want. 

How good would you feel if you can let go of your past and embrace the future in a way that you can get the things you want.

The issue is not you get the results but whether you can or willing to learn that art and secret of Manifestation. If YES, then here is the opportunity ...

360 DEGREE NORTH - AWAKEN THE AI WITHIN YOU, a 2-day unique workshop which will help you to understand all the secrets and art of Manifestation. You are the most powerful being and source on this planet and nobody can stop you from getting what you want If you only knew the process.

AI stands for Authentic Intelligence. 

Don't just waste time and energy for doing the things which you don't like or love, and ending up in a dull madness of the mind games of the illusion feeling a failure. 

Focus on SMART work than WORKING your butts off

What's in store for you from 360 Degrees North

  • A Unique and the most powerful technique of secret and the art of manifestation. 
  • A complete manual of the technique and it's nature of working and the science behind it.
  • A powerful hypnotherapy audio CD for more success, confidence and more wealth.
  • How does the universe work?
  • How to increase your power of Intuition in "x" folds.
  • How to discover your Unlimited Potential within you.
  • How to develop that X factor in your Attitude?
  • Discover your Money Blueprint.
  • How to magnify and enlarge your Money Blueprint.
  • Discover the phenomenon of decoding the MANIFESTATION MATRIX
  • Discover the hidden powers of your Sub Conscious mind and how to reprogram and rewire it in your life in order to become abundant and prosperous. 
  • Revealing the missing link between you and your destiny.

Knowing everything and Well Practicing the technique for just about 20 minutes a day regularly will result in manifesting anything you want in a click and a flick. 

Abundant and a Prosperous life is knocking your door, are you Home?

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